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Lac Lucie Data

View Carp France Lac Lucie
Area: 3 acres
Max lbs: 68lbs.
Anglers: 4
Price: £1100.00
Avg. lbs: 40lbs.
Stock: 110
Rating: Moderate

Kingfisher Data

View Carp France Kingfisher Lake
Area: 7 acres
Max lbs: 67lbs.
Anglers: 6
Price: £1350.00
Avg. lbs: 38lbs.
Stock: 150
Rating: Moderate

Lac Sans Nom Data

View Carp France Lac Sans Nom
Area: 5 acres
Max lbs: 50lbs.
Anglers: 5
From pp/pn. £30.00
Avg. lbs: 36lbs.
Stock: 100
Rating: Easy

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