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Carp Cuisine is based here at the fishery and is a bait company that truly understands the need for, and value of, a quality product, plus the importance of catchability for the angler.



Carp Cuisine Boilies.   Like all our baits they are freshly rolled in 20mm here in the Charente and made of the finest ingredients. They come with a proven track record using a recipe which has been perfected over almost 20 years and has set countless  new PB's for carp anglers here in France and the UK. Sold in 5 kilo bags.

Carp Cuisine Hookers.   These are semi buoyant hook baits with extra added attractors. This is a standard bottom bait with pop up mix to compensate for the weight of the hook , making it easier for the carp to pick up your bait first. Rolled 20mm Sold in 300 ml tubs.

Carp Cuisine Pop Ups.   These are designed to either compliment your bottom bait such as a snow man rig or just fished as a pop up or a choddy. Flavours according to your Hook baits. Rolled 16mm Sold in 300 ml tubs.

Carp Cuisine Glug PotRich in flavour but balanced to our baits.

Carp Cuisine Pellet.   Mixed carp pellet – sold in 5 kilo bags.

Carp Cuisine Chilli Hemp – Made to our own recipe sold in 2.5 litre buckets.

Carp Cuisine Party Blend – Made to our own recipe sold in 5 litre buckets.

Air Dry Boilie Bag – 5kg   Please note as with all fresh boilies, Carp Cuisine boilies should be transferred to air drying bags and must not be left in the sun in plastic bags which will deteriorate the quality of the boilie, we also stock and sell these at trade prices.