Carp France Fishery and Accommodation Rules


Fishery Rules:


  1. All bait fish must be caught at fishery (if fresh water fish baits)
  2. You must have a suitable landing net at all times when fishing and it MUST be disinfected prior to use in the disinfectant bins provided.
  3. No retaining fish – FOR ANY REASON
  4. All fish must be released and returned to the water as quickly as possible with the utmost care. Buckets and lake water to be on hand to keep fish wet whilst out of the water.
  5. You must use our unhooking mats (supplied free of charge)
  6. Do not leave rods unattended when your line is in the water – AT ANY TIME
  7. Please carefully dispose of all litter including cigarette ends and tea bags – do not leave rubbish in your swim
  8. No nuts or maize and no shelf-life boilies.
  9. You must have Klin-Ik first aid for fish (or similar make) to treat all hook wounds on the unhooking mat AT ALL TIMES. We will ask to see yours and if inadequate, you must buy one if you wish to continue fishing.
  10. No lead core and barbless hooks only
  11. No braided main lines, snag leaders or shock leaders
  12. Not less than 15lbs. main line.
  13. When fishing for cats minimum breaking strain is 20lbs
  14. Maximum of three rods per fisherman allowed
  15. Bait boats must be used with great care not to drive into snags
  16. Rig tubing must be use no less than 600mm when ledgering
  17. Please remember rowing boats can be dangerous – it is your responsibility to provide your own life jacket.
  18. No intoxicated, aggressive, excessively loud or unsafe behaviour will be tolerated under any circumstances. We reserve the right to terminate your stay without refund.


Accommodation Rules:


  1. Please do not put sanitary wear or nappies down the toilet
  2. The chalet should be left clean and tidy for the next party, otherwise you could be charged for the extra cleaning.
  3. Household waste must be SEPARATED for re-cycling. Bags and bins are provided. Failure to do so, may mean you are charged 20 euros for extra cleaning.
  4. Please do not use ANY of the chalet cooking equipment and utensils for preparation of bait.
  5. Chalet towels, tea towels, bed linen must NOT be used bankside.
  6. No glasses or bottles in or on the swimming pool walls. Please use the tables located nearby.
  7. Please do not feed any of the animals or livestock that you may see around the site!
  8. Arrival time no earlier than 16.00hrs unless by arrangement.
  9. Departure time no later than 10.00hrs.
  10. No VISITORS without prior arrangement/permission.


These rules are set out for the welfare of the fish and to ensure quality fishing and enjoyable stay for all our guests.

If you neglect to abide by the rules above, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the fishery and also your accommodation.


Thank you for your consideration, enjoy your stay.


Tight Lines!!


Paul and Susan Monaghan.

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  • Stock:  110
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