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02/09/2023 Kingfisher Dumb and Dumber

After a cooler week in France last week and a good number of fish being caught we were hoping that Dave and Steve would continue to produce some nice carp from the lake but it was not to be. When we were discussing this catch report on their last day with us, Dave commented that we should title it ‘Dumb and Dumber’ so we have! And the below tells it all.

When they arrived Steve set himself up on the right hand bank near the splash aerator, a good spot we thought, as plenty of carp had been caught around there this season. Dave went to the opposite end of the lake at the furthest swim on the main bank near the shallow, shadier end of the lake.

They chose to only fish during the day, generally starting between 8am and 10am and into the early evening. They had obviously been away many times together over the years and had a good routine going in the evening, with Dave doing the cooking and Steve in charge of the washing up. Maybe if they had fished into the night the outcome would have been different, but we will never know. The chalet beds were calling.

By the Sunday morning they had picked their spots and baited them up with plenty of pellets and some boilies that they had bought with them, alongside some of Nigel’s spicy fish boilies. Both were happy with their tactics, fishing as they always liked to fish. So they sat, and they waited, and they waited…….

Jo had been away over the weekend and was keen to see how they had got on when her and Nigel wandered round on the Tuesday morning. And they timed it just right as Steve had just landed a lovely mirror at just over 44lbs. This saved Dave from having to get his rods in to come and take the photo as Nigel did the honours.

As the week went on the weather got hotter and hotter, and even hotter and everyone struggled to stay cool, even in the shade. Except Maisie of course who still wanted to be chasing her ball for as long as anyone would throw it for them, which Steve did, time and time, and time and time again!

And that was it… there were signs of fish swimming and splashing about but nothing taking the bait. Even the cats, which Dave had been dreading, were not hungry it would seem.

So after over 20 fish being landed the previous week, the final report for this week was 1 carp at 40lbs+

We understand how disappointed both Dave and Steve must have been, we feel it for them too as we just want people to come here and catch some fish, but we did enjoy having them with us and hope to see them both again someday.

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