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02/09/2023 Lac Lucie The Norfolk Boars

Steve, his father-in-law, Melvyn and friend, Ray drove from the Diss area in Norfolk to stay on Lac Lucie this week and we are not sure that they left the lake at all, apart from to come up to the house for their evening meals.

With the sun blistering hot all week and with temperatures up to 38 degrees, the top end of the lake was the place to be, where it stays shady most of the day. All three of them set up their bivvys and got their rods out, with Ray fishing to the left hand bank, Melvyn in the middle and Steve on the right.

The complete opposite of Kingfisher, the fish on Lac Lucie this week seemed to be moving about all over the place and quite happy to feed and be caught, even during the hot weather.

With their breakfast baguettes each morning the trio always seemed bright and cheery when we went to see them and keen to tell us of their night’s antics, whether that was how many fish they had caught or how they had wound up Ray by playing the callings of the wild boar through YouTube when he was round the lake baiting up.

By the Sunday teatime they had all had a run and caught 4 carp between them, including the largest of the week, a 44lbs 4oz common being landed at 2pm by Steve from the right hand bank.

And so the pattern went on over the week, with another 4 fish on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday and 4 on Friday. They were adamant they were going to fish until the last minute and despite sending us their figures on Friday evening there were more to follow with another 5 fish being caught on the Saturday they were due to leave. Melvyn caught 3 himself whilst packing his gear up!

All of the fish were caught on Nigel’s spicy fish and maple syrup boilies with a range of our very own hookers, pop-ups, glugs and paste. Melvyn even bought some more glug to take back home with him it was so good!

Final catch report was 2 at 10lbs+, 16 at 20lbs+, 3 at 30lbs+ and 1 at 40lbs+. They also caught 4 cats and lost another 5 between them. Ray caught the most, with Melvyn taking second place and Steve bringing up the rear. The majority of the fish were caught in the dark hours but still some came out during the hottest parts of the day.

Thank you for a lovely week, guys, and hope to see you all back here again one day.

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