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04/05/2024 Lac Lucie Off to a flyer

Father and son, Dave and Alex joined us this week for a session on Lac Lucie, as a treat for Alex’s 21st birthday later in the year. Nigel picked them up from the airport in the pouring rain and drove them to the supermarket where they stocked up on their supplies for the week.

They were quick to get down to the lake when they arrived and set up one of the bivvies on the main bank before picking their spots and doing a bit of spodding before dinner. They decided that they were going to get their heads down in the chalet and make an early start the next day.

They were up at 6am and keen to get down on the bank, the rain had just about stopped bar a bit of drizzle and it was warm so after breakfast they got their rods out.

After less than an hour the first fish was landed. And a new PB for Dave with this fantastic 50lb 1oz common

50lb 1oz

An hour later saw Alex’s first fish, a 34lb 12oz mirror, very closely followed by another for him, a 46lb common. That was 3 fish in the first two and a half hours with an average weight of 43lb 9oz. What a great start to a great week. They were both hoping that the week would continue in this way.

34lb 12oz
46lb (and a Maisie)

Nothing further came out on Sunday afternoon and we had a few thunder showers so they decided that they would spend another night in the chalet.

Monday they were up and at it early again and when we went down at breakfast time they were enjoying the sunshine. The day bought a few showers and lots of fish crashing at the far end. It was a quiet morning and then just after lunch Dave caught another fish, a 39lb 1oz mirror with a lovely scale pattern.

39lb 1oz

Tuesday was another sunshine and showers day and Alex managed to land a 46lb 1oz mirror just before breakfast but that was it for the day.

46lb 1oz

They had severely under estimated how much beer they would need when they arrived and as we were going to the supermarket anyway we picked them up another couple of boxes of beers and energy drinks. There were not any further fish on Tuesday but they were enjoying the peace and quiet and in the evening decided to have a stroll around Kingfisher to see what that lake was like and to catch up with Nigel who was having a couple of nights fishing on there. They had made a decision by this point that they were not going to fish the nights themselves if they had caught during the day.

Wednesday saw the start of a good few days of sunshine and the temperatures going up but nothing was caught. As they hadn’t had any fish they did plan on fishing the night but after a bit of a problem with one of his reels, Dave took the decision to go back inside as he didn’t want to cause the fish any harm if he couldn’t bring it in. They decided to move their chairs up to the other end of the lake ready for Thursday and fish along the left hand bank at the top end and into the lily pads.

Thursday was nice and sunny again and a busy afternoon for the two of them. At around 1.30pm Dave had a 34lb 3oz common, followed by a 46lb mirror for Alex at 4.30pm and then just before they called it a night Dave had a 31lb mirror. All very lovely fish.

34lb 3oz

Friday saw and even warmer day with temperatures up to 27 degrees and the lads spent most of the day moving their chairs out of the sun as it was so warm. Nigel suspected that the fish were getting ready for spawning as they were wallowing in the shallows with their backs out when he went round in the afternoon. Only one fish was caught on their last day, another mirror weighing in at 35lb.


Dave and Alex started fishing over a bed of parti-blend and pellets and then for the rest of the week they fished with solid bags with pellets and crushed boilies. All of the fish were caught on Nigel’s spicy fish boilies.

The final tally for the week was 0 babies, 0 at 10lb+, 0 at 20lb+, 5 at 30lb+, 3 at 40lb+ and 1 at 50lb+ with an average weight of 40lb 3oz. Not a bad session with new PBs for them both. They decided before they left to rebook for the following year and let Dave’s brother come with them too. We will look forward to seeing them again same time next year, and especially Maisie who has loved playing ball with them both.

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