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05/04/2024 Kingfisher Red Letter Week

Our opening week and we were looking forward to guests returning to our lakes and catching some carp again. With the weather a bit hit and miss the week before we were not sure if they would be feeding again, although we had started to see signs of them coming to the surface and showing again.

We welcomed 4 roofers to Kingfisher this week, with Scott having been previously he bought his friends and colleagues with him. After a long drive and overnight ferry from the North West of England they had certainly come prepared with a trailer full of gear and goodies and they quickly got themselves set up, with Richard on the first swim, then Danny and Ryan with Scott starting down nearer the shallow end.

They started as they meant to go on with all except Danny catching on the very first night. Within the first 24 hours they had had a good 6 or 7 fish out between them and by midweek there were over 30 fish caught. With the temperatures rising there were definite signs that the fish were feeding and starting to prepare for spawning.


The four of them had slightly different rigs set up but all were using top of the range bait boats with GPS ability and always managed to get just the right spots to tempt the fish to their bait. All, except Scott who had just returned from a fishing trip in Thailand, managed to get PBs so well done to all. Richard got a new 38lb common PB and 45lb mirror, Ryan had a new catfish PB of 72lb, common at 35lb and mirror at 35lb and Danny caught his first cat (although he didn’t want to hold it) at 65+lb and a new PB mirror of 46lb and common of 36lb. And with the temperature also setting records of 25 degrees on the Friday they all went home happy.

The week saw over 45 fish out of the lake in total – what a great start to the season and some great angling skills. The final tally was 4 at 10lb+, 21 at 20lb+, 17 at 30lb+ and 5 at 40lb+ as well as 4 cats up to 72lbs. We shall see them all again next year for a rerun hopefully!

46lb PB
36lb PB
72lb PB
35lb PB
38lb PB
45lb PB
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