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12/08/2023 Lac Lucie The Dover souls

Two brothers, Martin and Ronnie, and Ronnie’s son, Jamie joined us this week on the lake with their wives, Wendy and Tracey and Jamie’s cousin, Charlie, enjoying a break from work and the sun. The weather got hotter as the week went on and the family made the most of the pool and some of the attractions in the local area.

Jamie has never been to France carp fishing before and was very keen to get started but as they hadn’t arrived until the Saturday evening it was decided that they would wait until Sunday to get everything set up. They were up bright and early and ready to start as soon as they had had their full English breakfast at the house.

They decided they were all going to bivvy up on the top bank and Jamie was going to fish to the left and Martin to the right. As they had not had space in their van for their bait boats and ours were rented out, Ronnie was planning on rowing his bait out to the bottom end of the lake, under the willow and close to the lily pads.

Jamie was first off the mark and smashed his PB with a lovely 25lbs mirror which was to be his heaviest fish of the week. He got the necessary soaking but did go on to have another 2 mirrors after this at 24lbs 2oz and 19lbs and 9oz. Both of these were caught at night when the temperature had dropped a little. He was delighted with his fish and also spent hours laying in the pool just to cool off further.

24lbs 2oz
19lbs 9oz

To the right, Martin struggled to find the right spots, despite putting plenty of pellets and party blend in for them. He caught 2 small catfish but nothing further although he did lose a few. His main objective was to come and enjoy the venue and have a little holiday which was definitely achieved.

In the middle Ronnie had the most carp out of the lake, despite the effort he put into rowing (unless the others gave him a hand or two!) and he took home the trophy for the most carp caught in the week and he also caught the heaviest – a 37lbs 9oz mirror which came out during the night.

37lbs 9oz
22lbs 4oz

Wendy, Tracey and Jamie enjoyed the facilities in the chalet, the hot tub and the pool as well as spending time down by the lake with the ladies going for a walk around the lake in the dark in their night clothes one evening! They also spent a day at Piegut-Pluviers, going round the market, buying some nougat and some balls for Maisie and enjoying some lunch with a glass (or two) of wine. Whilst they were here the men went to the karting track at Circuit Karting du Perigord and enjoyed it so much (Charlie won) that they made a return visit on the Friday. They would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to spend some time away from the lake.

Final catch report 3 at 10lbs+, 3 at 20lbs+, 1 at 30lbs+ and 2 kittens

Thank you for a lovely week and we look forward to seeing you again next July.

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