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13/04/2024 Kingfisher And then it turned cold

Steve, Mick and Carl had all been to the fishery before and had decided to return to see what else they could get out of Kingfisher. Mick also bought his son, Haydon, who was just after a week off of work to chill in the peaceful surroundings. They arrived on the Stansted flight on the Saturday afternoon in 26 degrees heat and the warm spring days continued until Monday…

Following on from the week before the first few days saw the carp feeding and crashing on the water. On the Sunday morning when we were doing our rounds we found Mick on the first swim with a carp on so we stayed to watch. After 20 minutes or so chasing the fish round he landed this lovely mirror weighing in at 32lb.

Sunday bought a few more carp out, Steve had this lovely 29lb common and a 42lb mirror


Overnight saw Carl with a common at 28lb and he also caught this catfish of 44lb


Then the weather changed for the rest of the week with night temperatures dropping to 0 degrees and not getting much warmer during the day. We even had a frost on a couple of mornings and Steve regretted forgetting his warm winter coat! The three of them carried on fishing although Mick did spend a few nights with Haydon in the warmth of the chalet.

The carp slowed down again and did not seem to be taking much of the bait but the catfish came out instead with the largest being 61lb. By the end of the week even Haydon was getting the bug and suggesting he might have a go when they come again.


Several other carp and cats came out over the week with a final total of carp standing at 2 babies (which we have transferred to the stock pond),0 at 10lb+, 2 at 20lb+, 3 at 30lb+ and 1 at 40lb+ as well as 7 cats over 28lbs. All three of them went home with new PBs and we hope to see some or all of them again next year.

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