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15/06/2024 Kingfisher Divvies Part II – Just like buses

The second part of the annual Divvies in the Bivvies fishing trip was spent on Kingfisher lake and having had a good week on Lac Lucie Nigel and Dean were hopeful that they would continue but Kingfisher is harder with only two anglers as the fish just move to a quiet place. Nigel set himself up on swim 2 by the picnic bench with Dean just along the bank from him on the Saturday in overcast conditions but they had plenty of time as there were no changeover jobs to do. The paths were still quite muddy from the rain the day before but this did not deter them.

After tea they got their rods out and before Nigel had even got his second rod his alarm went off and a catfish played him for a good while before coming slowly to the net. A good 53lb and we thought that this was a good sign of things to come. But unfortunately that was not the case and this catch report will have to be brief.


The weather was a bit of a mixed bag this week with lots of showers Saturday night and Sunday. Monday was dry most of the day but there was heavy rain the evening and Nigel had a run at about 10pm but didn’t land anything and then Dean losing a cat about 20 minutes later. Tuesday was sunny but very muggy and there were no signs of fish. They stopped for the afternoon to have lunch with some friends and went back out early evening and Dean ended up losing another two fish so started questioning his tactics. On Wednesday the weather was reasonable and Dean finally managed to land a 67lb catfish at around 9.30am.


The guys were beginning to think that this was going to be a carp free week but Wednesday evening there were some long thunder showers with amazing bolts of lightening and this seemed to shake the lake up a bit and get the carp moving. Nigel ended up putting some bark chippings around his bivvy to soak up some of the mud in the hope that he wouldn’t slip over like he had at the beginning of the week. As it was Jo’s birthday they decided that we would all go out for some tea and Yvonne at Mamie’s bar cooked us Chinese chicken and egg fried rice (no Chinese takeaways over here) and a Bailey’s cheesecake for dessert. We spent a lovely couple of hours there sat outside enjoying the sunshine until they started to get withdrawal symptoms and we headed home.

This was to be their last night as Julianne and Dean were leaving early Saturday morning but they were not feeling at all hopeful about landing any carp from Kingfisher this week. They had only been set up for about an hour when the girls got a photo of Dean playing a fish with the comment ‘It’s a carp!!!!’ and Dean landed this 31lb mirror.

The girls were thrilled and started talking about getting to bed when Nigel messaged and said he had 2 fish on and would be a great double take photo so Jo pulled her shoes back on and got round there just as he was landing the second one. A great photo of the two of them, and Dean and Nigel too!

44lb 8oz mirror and 24lb common

So they had thought they were going to end the week with no carp and only a couple of cats landed when within half an hour they had managed to land 3 carp.

And that was it for another great year for the Divvies as Friday was spent getting a tree out of Kingfisher that had fallen the week before, moving the hot tub at the house ready for a new decking area and chilling in the man cave for the evening with the last of the beer kegs.

We will do a report of what Jo and Julianne got up to for the fortnight, especially for those of you who manage to combine a family holiday with a fishing trip.

Final tally for the week on Kingfisher was 0 babies, 0 at 10lb+, 1 at 20lb+, 1 at 30lb+ and 1 at 40lb+ as well as 3 cats up to 67lb.

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