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15/06/2024 Lac Lucie Two weeks in the sun

Graeme returned to Lac Lucie with his wife for his annual fortnight fishing holiday. Having fished Lac Lucie for the first time last year he came back with some new tackle and some new hope of getting some more fish, with last year being his first time on a commercial fishery.

He started his fortnight on the swim at the far end, fishing across to the trees on his right mainly. It was not an easy fortnight with thunderstorms and temperatures peaking at 33 degrees during the second week, where fishing was hard on both of our lakes, as well as other places locally. His fishing day started around 5am, stopping for breakfast and then starting again until lunchtime. We would then often see him back out in the evening for a few hours.

The first few days saw no fish at all on the bank although several were showing in various spots across the lake. There is always that difficult decision as to whether to stick with your pre baited spots or to follow them around the lake and fishing is always harder when there is just one angler as the fish just keep moving away.

By Tuesday he had not had any fish so he moved up to the main bank and on Wednesday he landed a 49lb common from up in the left hand corner. Friday saw another fish from a similar spot, weighing in at 32lb and Saturday he caught a 22lb carp.

The second week was hotter than the first and we noticed an increase in the number of cray fish so Nigel started setting his traps more frequently. Graeme moved back up to the far end on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday was hopeful as there were many fish spotted under the willow tree.

On Wednesday evening when we had a wander round we were amazed at just how many fish there were in the top left hand corner, near where the water enters the lake. Everywhere we looked there were groups of 3 or 4 carp moving slowly round each other. It appeared as if every fish in the lake had come up to the shallows, possibly to spawn.

Graeme and his wife prefer to maintain their privacy, hence there are no photographs of the fish but the final tally for the 2 weeks was 0 babies, 0 at 10lb+, 1 at 20lb+, 1 at 30lb+ and 1 at 40lb+. We look forward to welcoming them back again next year.

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