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16/09/2023 Lac Lucie Short and Sweet

Ritchie, Laura and their sons, Frankie and Freddie along with their two dogs joined us for a few days fishing this week, amongst keeping their business ticking along. Arriving early evening on the Saturday, they decided not to set up until the Sunday, but again did not fish until late in the evening as they had to do a ‘live’ social media event for their business back in the UK.

They started the week with Ritchie down by the lake and Laura and the boys up in the chalet with a receiver so that when there was a bite they could quickly run down and see the action. On Tuesday they decided that they were all going to camp out and hired a bivvy and 3 extra bed chairs so that they could all be together. By Monday lunchtime when we went to see them Laura, Frankie and Freddie had all caught something and were just waiting for Ritchie to also land a carp.

The fishing was quite prolific over the next few days with 4 or 5 fish being landed each day and even Ritchie ended up getting a piece of the action. Frankie and Freddie both got new PBs in the 30s and whilst they had hoped to get something over 40lbs out of the lake, Ritchie told us that he was happy that the boys were catching and having a good time.

After a very wet and miserable day on Thursday the family decided that they were going to pack up and go home a couple of days early. We do not have the exact details of what they caught or any photos but we do know that over 20 fish were caught in the few days that they were fishing.

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