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17/06/2023 Kingfisher Gentleman’s hours

Dave and Sue have visited Kingfisher for two weeks just about every year for the last 15 years so see this as their home from home. They use their holiday to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the location and occasionally do a bit of fishing!

Fishing starts around 9am and then stops for the afternoon around 2pm before restarting for another couple of hours in the early evening and getting a good night’s sleep in the chalet.

Dave is a very experienced angler but is very lucky to have Sue by his side to row out any bait that is required on his spots, shrink wrap his boilies and generally pander to his every whim.

The carp were not playing this week and Nigel had a couple of emergency calls as Dave was concerned that a fish was snagged in some bushes. On closer inspection it was found that some carp had decided to spawn again, unusual for late June but all were pleased that no issues were found.

It may have been for this reason that the carp were not wanting to be caught and it was not for lack of trying or lack of bait.

Dave finished his fortnight with 5 catfish of decent sizes, 34lb 8oz, 53lb 10oz, 55lb 7oz, 68lb 2 oz and his new PB at 87lb 3oz. The latter took a good 45 minutes to get to the bank, with the help of Nigel who was on hand to get into the lake and assist.

We have enjoyed their company and look forward to welcoming them back in 2024.

53lb 10z
55lb 7oz
68lb 2oz
87lb 3oz
87lb 3oz
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