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22/07/2023 Lac Lucie Father and Son – just relax and take it easy

Matt was originally going to be fishing Lac Lucie on his own but a few weeks before the holiday, his dad, Stephen, decided to come with him and what a successful week they had between them.

Pitching up next to each other at the top end of the lake, they chose to use a mixture of spicy fish and maple syrup boilies over a bed of pellets and party blend. Matt fished to the right of the lake under the trees and Stephen a couple of rod lengths away from the left hand bank. They caught two or three fish each in these positions and then later on in the week they changed their tactics and moved further towards the far end of the lake as the fish appeared to have moved. This proved to be a good decision.

Our grandchildren were here this week and were lucky enough to witness the excitement that fishing can bring as Matt landed a pretty mirror with them watching on…. and Maisie of course.

There appeared to be a good competition between the two of them, both desperate to catch the biggest fish and both wanting one over 40lbs so they could have their picture on the wall in the chalet. By the Friday they just wanted to reach 30 fish out in total but ended the week on 29 with only 1 catfish caught. They would be welcomed back to resume the challenge.

Matt was also accompanied by his wife, Pabi, daughter, Mia and mum, Gaynor and the 3 ladies had a lovely week in the chalet using the hot tub and pool and going out to the market and the beach.

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