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29/07/2023 Lac Lucie The three gardeners

Terry, his son Nick and friend Matt arrived mid afternoon on the 29th after a difficult journey from Le Mans where they had stayed the night before. It is not something we hear often as most people talk about the length of the journey rather than the traffic but they had arrived and spent the first night unwinding and getting a good nights sleep in the chalet.

On the Sunday morning they were ready to go and picked their spots with Terry and Matt being at the top of the lake and Nick taking the swim up at the bottom of the right hand bank. All were using the house boilies and a bed of pellets and generally fishing during the daylight hours, preferring to head back to the comfy beds in the chalet for a good night’s sleep around 11pm each evening.

The weather was unusual for the time of year and we had several wet and chilly days which made for ideal conditions for fishing. It was even windy enough for a silver birch to fall on Thursday evening, although luckily this did not impact on the lake at all and was well away from the anglers.

Matt fished to the right hand bank and was last off of the mark as the carp did not appear to be hanging about there. Terry was over to the left and Nick stayed at the top end. He had some particular challenges with the lilies a few times.

Nick finished the week with 7 mirrors and 1 common with the biggest being a 33lbs mirror, Terry had 3 mirrors and a common with a 31lbs 12oz mirror as his best and Matt had 2 commons and 2 mirrors with the largest being a 24lbs 11oz mirror.

So totals for the week were 6 at 30lbs+, 5 at 20lbs+ and 4 at 10lbs+. Not a bad week for some day fishing.

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